10 Unhappy Dogs In Halloween Costumes [PICTURE GALLERY]

This is a public service announcement for all those dogs who do not enjoy wearing Halloween costumes!

Halloween is coming and this is just a reminder that if your dog does not like wearing a costume, don’t force your dog to wear a costume. It’s okay for your dog to just be a dog. We encourage it! Dogs are wonderful and loving animals who deserve our love and support. It’s not their job to dress up and entertain us humans. That’s what kids are for!

Here are 10 unhappy dogs in costumes. (They sure are cute though.)

If your dog does not seem happy playing dress up… Let him or her sit this Halloween out. You can be a human, and let your dog just be a dog and let’s all have a Happy Halloween!

Best doggie tips for Halloween fun:


  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times when trick-or-treating.
  • Take a quick pic of your dog and remove the costume before it becomes uncomfortable or traumatic. 
  • Do be sure to give your dog lots of love and affection.


  • Do not leave your dog unattended in costume. Costumes can get caught on things or tangled and can injure or harm your sweet pup.
  • Do not put your pooch in a hot or complicated outfit. It may be fall but dogs can still overheat in a costume. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh drinking water and if your dog seems hot or uncomfortable in any way, take the costume off immediately. 
  • Do not let your dog have access to candy! Chocolate is toxic to dogs but all candy is bad for dogs. Make sure your dog is

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