10 Best Halloween Costumes For Wiener Dogs [PICTURE GALLERY]

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Wiener Dogs in Halloween costumes is one of our favorite things! Their adorable long little bodies are perfect for playing dress up. It’s almost Halloween! Do you have your costume picked out? Time to get cracking.

Costumes always come with a warning: If your dog is not happy playing dress up, we advise you not force the issue. Never force a dog into any kind of costume.

However, there are lots of dogs who enjoy dressing up and playing human with their favorite humans and that’s okay too.

Here are 10 dog costumes that are ideal for wiener dogs! 

A few basic guidelines for when it comes to putting your adorable pup in a costume.

  • Never leave your dog in a costume unattended. You just never know what can happen.
  • Avoid costumes that are bulky and could cause your dog to overheat.
  • Avoid complicated costumes. Keep it simple is always a great rule when picking out a costume for any pet.
  • Avoid costumes that cover their entire heads. You never want to impair a dog’s vision or ability to move their heads and drink water.
  • Never put a costume on your dog that limits mobility. That’s just not right.
  • Take your pics and remove the costume as soon as you can so your dog can get back to being a pup.

If your dog doesn’t like wearing costumes, don’t make your dog wear one. It’s always best to take your pics and then remove any items that make your dog uncomfortable. Always keep your dog on a leash when trick-or-treating. Make sure your dog can’t get access to toxic candies on Halloween. Make sure the kids put their candy in a secure place.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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