20 Dogs Ready To Celebrate And Ring In The New Year [PICTURES]

Dog wearing party hat. Dog is a Pomeranian.

(Picture Credit: Jena Ardell/Getty Images)

It’s almost time to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and some dogs are staying up past bedtime to party with us! As 2020 comes to a close, we look forward to spending time with our pooches in 2021.

Hopefully, we can all resolve to be even better pet parents in the coming year. We’d all like to wish you and your fur family and friends a Happy New Year. Best of luck in the coming year!

In the meantime, get that confetti ready. Raise a glass. Start the countdown, and let’s ring in the New Year together!

Dogs Celebrating The New Year

Of course, our dogs would appreciate if we made resolutions that involve more walks, treats, and cuddles. Those sound like good goals for next year to us!


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Keep in mind, it can be tough for our pups to stay up so late. If your dog is getting a bit tired of the noise and partying, set up a separate room where they can relax. Play some quiet music for them, and if you have guests, make sure they know to let sleeping dogs lie.

Sure, it’s a celebration, but this special occasion is mostly for humans, anyway. Have fun and keep your pup comfy and happy!

How will you and your dogs celebrate and ring in the New Year? Do you make your dog treats, do a yearly ritual, or have a New Year’s resolution involving your dog? Let us know in the comments below!