Famous person dog names

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities are naming their dogs? We’ve put together a list of just a few famous person dog names. Please add to our list!

Adrian Brody: Ceelo

Bill Clinton: Buddy

Billy Joel: Fionula and Whitey

Charlie Sheen: Lucy

Eva Longoria: Jinxy

Diane Lane: Milo

Drew Barrymore: Flossie

Eddie Van Halen: Sherman

Gwyneth Paltrow: Holden

Ivana Trump: Dodo

Jake Gyllenhaal: Atticus and Boo Radley

Jennifer Aniston: Norman

Jessica Simpson: Daisy

Jewel: George

Jimmy Buffet: Cheeseburger

Justin Timberlake: Bearlie and Bella

Kate Hudson: Clara Bo

Leonardo DiCaprio: Rufus

Liv Tyler: Neal

Madonna: Chiquita

Mariah Carey: Bing, Bong and Ginger

Marilyn Monroe: Mafia

Martha Stewart: Genghis Khan and Zuleika Dobson

Matt LeBlanc: Lady

Matthew McConaughey: Miss Hud

Oprah: Solomon and Sophie

Orlando Bloom: Sidi

Paul McCartney: Martha

Renee Zellweger: Woof

Sara Michelle Gellar: Thor

Steve Martin: Roger

Will Smith: Zhaki and Ludo

Do you have a favorite celebrity dog name? Post a comment and add it to our list!

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