Tim Tebow: Football Star, Dog Lover

Tim Tebow with Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bronco (photo credit: twitter)

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There is good reason to love Tim Tebow. He’s a football hero, leading the Denver Broncos to a winning season with clutch victories no one would have thought possible. He’s also a dog lover. While he stays mum on the subject of girlfriends, Tebow is happy to discuss the canine relationships he’s had through the years.
Two dogs who have a special place in Tebow’s heart:
Otis: In his 2009 memoir “Through My Eyes,” Tim introduced fans to the Tebow family dog, Otis. He wrote, “Otis was loyal and protective, traits you’d hope to find in dog. If you came by, you would see blonde-haired Otis, who looked to be a mixture of half Lab and half Golden Retriever, walking down our long dirt driveway at the farm and toward the house, keeping my mom company . . . and safe.”
One anecdote that resonated with fans was Tebow’s response after discovering Otis after he’d gone missing. The dog was injured and had likely been beaten with a baseball bat. Tebow detailed his distress over the dog’s disappearance and how he subsequently nursed the pup back to health in the family pool.
  • When asked what passages in the book fans responded to, Tebow said, “The story of Otis, my dog. I’ve gotten who knows how many responses or letters or tweets or whatever saying that they love that part.”

Bronco: In 2010, Tebow introduced his “new best friend” on Twitter. Named, of course, for the NFL franchise he leads, Bronco is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Friends say that Tebow’s eyes “light up” when he talks about Bronco, whom he enjoys taking to the dog park in his free time.

Even though Ridgebacks are known for their bravery, sources close to Tebow say that Bronco is shy at the park and “plants himself between Tebow’s legs.” He’s also been spotted around Tebow’s neighborhood on a leash, accompanying his owner on bike rides through town.

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