Dog toys: gifts for dogs and dog lovers

The latest and greatest in Fido fun, including interactive dog toys, squeakers, and tug toys.

Dog TwisterNina Ottoson Interactive Puzzles

Dogs have an innate problem-solving ability that, when left unchallenged, can cause them to act-out in destructive ways. Nina Ottoson’s interactive puzzles provide our pets with the mental stimulation they need and crave. They also provide our families with hours of enjoyment as we watch our furry “Einsteins” problem-solve.

Dura Doggie’s Beba Toy

Made in the USA with Dura Doggie’s own “special blend” of incredibly durable rubber, the Beba Toy is both squeaker toy and treat dispensing toy. Load the Beba with your dog’s favorite treats, then listen for the squeak as your dog works to free them. 20% of the profits from your Dura Doggie purchase will go toward helping one of four causes of your choice!


Emma the Elephant

Charming Pet Toys

We we all know how dogs like to tear apart their squeaky toys to get to the squeaker hidden inside, not a problem with Charming Pet Products’ squeaky toys. They’ve cleverly constructed their toys so that the toy is the squeaker! Paramount if you like your dog’s squeaky toys to stick around for a while. Charming Pet’s toys are made of soft, all-natural latex that is dog-mouth friendly.

Planet Dog Wood Chuck

With its simple design,bamboo core and ergonomic cork handle the Wood Chuck provides maximum chuck-abiilty. Without a doubt, it chucks the ball much further than we could possibly throw it. Planet Dog’s 2.5″ Orbee-Tuff balls work perfectly with the Wood Chuck because of the Tuff ball’s pliant nature. The Chuck’s prongs grasp the ball and hold it firmly so there’s no slippage from load to launch.

Wood Chuck


Petmate Bigsqueaks

Bigsqueaks are like whoopee cushions on steroids. The Bigsqueak is made of a heavy-duty material with bound seams that won’t pull and unravel. Made to last, Bigsqueaks look like they can take a licking and keep on squeaking. Available in a variety of colorful comic book styles and sizes.

Petprojekt Dogring

Petprojekt is committed to providing entertaining pet toys that feature the very best value, quality, style, creativity and innovation. This 100% natural rubber ring toy is great for toss, fetch and tug. Tough and durable, the Dogring can hold its own with aggressive tuggers.