Spa supplies: gifts for dogs and dog lovers

Here’s to helping your hounds look — and smell — their holiday best…

Booster Bath

Booster Bath

The elevated Booster Bath saves wear and tear on your back and knees by eliminating the need to bend and stoop while bathing your pup. The light-weight tub offers 360° access, a shampoo caddy, a rubber no-slip mat, and a water nozzle (with on/off switch) that snaps easily onto the tub’s side when not in use.

Wahl Deluxe Pro Series Pet Groomer

It’s the next best thing to a personal pet groomer, and it’s all you need to keep your dog comfortable and looking sharp this season. Specially designed for animals, the Wahl Deluxe Pro Series clippers feature exceptional fur feeding to protect your pup from pulls or cuts. And it’s cordless, so you don’t have to worry about cajoling Spot over to just the right spot — you can clip, snip, or brush wherever he feels comfortable. It even comes with a hand mirror, charger, blade oil, and instructions.

Pro Series Pet Groomer

Poi Dog ShampooPoi Dog Shampoo

In Hawaiian, Lanikai means “royal sea” or “heavenly” and Poi Dog is the term used to describe mixed-breed dogs. Used by Hawaiian dogs of all breeds, Poi Dog Island Mango is a lightly scented, all-natural dog shampoo that contains essential oils, including soothing aloe and moisturizing jojoba. All of Lanikai’s adult, child and pet products are cruelty free and safe for our environment.

Pet Head GroomingPet Head Grooming Products

Pet Head Grooming Products
for dogs have the best names: Fears For Tears, Quickie, Dry Clean, So Spoiled, Life’s an Itch, and Feeling Flaky, just to name a few. They aequick lathering, quick rinsing products that leave dogs fur soft and fluffy. They have a tropical guava scent that is just amazing. These products make dogs look and feel like they have just stepped out of a salon.

Olive Spa ProductsOlive Green Goods Shampoo and Fur Spriter

The Olive Bubble + Squeak Shampoo smells amazing! The fragrance – a mixture of peppermint, rosemary and lavender, will make your bathroom smell like a high-end spa. Once your pooch is dry, her coat will be brilliantly shiny! The Olive Heaven Scent Fur Spritzer smells so good you will want to cuddle with your dog all night (the scent is patchouli with a touch of lavender and lemon). The shampoo/spritzer combination is perfect!

John Paul PetJohn Paul Pet Dog Shampoo

Most of us have heard of the famous Paul Mitchell hair care line for humans, it’s been around for 30 years! They have now taken their vast knowledge of hair care technology to another level. A few years ago they launched the John Paul Pet line of grooming products. John Paul Pet products take the Paul Mitchell salon quality standards and pass them along to our pets. All products are tested on humans first to assure the safety of our pets!