Lickety Stik | Lickable Pet Treat by PetSafe

Lickety Stik liquid dog treat by PetSafe

A liquid treat for pets? Hmmm…I was a little skeptical of this new-fangled pet product. Would the dogs like it? Would they “get” that they were supposed to lick it? Here’s what Levi’s owner, Chrissy, had to say about Lickety Stick…

“My eight-month Golden Retriever, Levi, cannot get enough of PetSafe’s Savory Chicken Lickety Stik. It is used as a treat and a training tool, and complete mess free. Levi loves it so much; it really holds his attention.

Levi enjoying his Lickety Stik treatThe Lickety Stik is especially helpful to use as a training distraction tool. Specifically, Levi has learned to respond to the “come” command during times of distraction, like a tasty treat. The Lickety Stik will stick around in my house.”

The bottle tells us there are “over 500 licks per bottle” and only “1 caloriein every 10 licks.” Not bad! A convenient,mess-freetraveling treat…we like it!

You can purchase Lickety Stik in liver, chicken or bacon flavors for $8.99 on the PetSafe website.

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