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Polar and his Ultimate Trail PackUltimate Trail Pack

What can I say? This product is absolutely awesome! Perfect for day hikes or longer backpacking trips alike. This Ultimate Trail Pack, sent in for review by RC Pet Products,is lightweight, yet roomy.Suitable to carry everything your pet needs and more. The panniers are detachable leaving you with an everyday harness. This isgreat to lighten your dog’s load once you make it to camp. There is also an opening for poop bags to make cleaning up after your pup easier than ever. Inside the pack there are sectioned compartments tokeep your dog’s load stable.

I thought my dog would need some getting usedcarrying thepack around, but thanks to the comfortable design my dog didn’t seem to mind.This is by far the best pack I have come across yet. Available for purchase off the RC Pet Products website for between $80 – $90 CAD or at a large variety of retailers in the United States.

TechnPolar and his Martingale Collarika Martingale Collar

The Tecnika Martingale Collarfrom RC PetProductsis a cross between a regular collar and a choke collar. Seemingly more comfortable for your dog than the typical choke collar it is lightweight and made from a soft flexible material.

It is great for training purposes! I like it because my dogs fur (and my fingers) don’t get caught up in a chain like with a regular choke collar. I also like the fact that the limited slip action prevents over correction. Another great product from RC Pet Products!

Available for between $23 & $30 CAD on the RC Pet Products websiteor at a wide variety of retailers in the U.S.A.

Polar and his Beyond Control LeashBeyond Control Leash

A very versatile leash by RC Pet Products.The Beyond Control Leash is aneveryday leash with many other functions, you never know when they might come in handy.

To start off with, this leash is adjustable on both ends,iteasily adjustsfrom 4 feet to 7 feet. There are also snap hooks on both ends allowing use for hands free walking or a temporary tie out. The Beyond Control Leash also has a padded handle for comfortable everyday walking.

You can purchase this must have leash on the RC Pet Products website for $36 CAD or find a retailer near you!

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