Gentle Giant Seeks Big-Hearted Family

Dispatch from the Espanola Valley Humane Society, August, 2011

Samoa Joe with his feline foster sibling.

I first posted about Samoa Joe a little over two months ago. Hard not to notice the big dog with the enormous head lying resignedly in his kennel. Even tougher not to fall in love with him — the giant beast proved a huge softie. But my heart sank when I learned the Pit mix was heartworm positive. Not good news for anyone, and often very bad news for a Bully breed.

Pensive Joe

Thankfully, the Espanola Valley Humane Society saw the same light in Samoa Joe that I did, the same tenderness in his demeanor and the same worthiness of a second chance. We called on DogTime readers, Save a Dog users, and loyal shelter supporters to help — and you came through. Joe’s heartworm treatment was paid for and a foster family was found. I’m thrilled to now report that Joe has recovered beautifully and is available for adoption.

Snuggly Joe

This big sweetheart is a love with cats and terrific with children. Shelter staff would prefer for Joe to be the only male canine in the house. That said, he’s neutered, healthy, and gorgeous. And he’s ready for the life he’s always deserved.

Demure Joe

If you’re interested in providing a loving home for Samoa Joe, please contact the shelter for more information:


phone: 505.753.8662