Real jerky, sausage & meatball dog treats from Milo’s Kitchen

Real jerky, sausage & meatball dog treats from Milo’s Kitchen

Milo's Kitchen

Milo's Kitchen dog treats

The review panel’s favorite test product…treats! Del Monte Foods hascome out with Milo’s Kitchen dog treats whichcomeinchicken jerky, beef jerky, chicken meatballs and beefsausage shapes and flavors.Okay hounds, time to get to work!

Shakespeare trying to will the Milo's Kitchen treat into his mouthMade with “100% real” jerky, meatballs and sausage, the treats actually look and smell like their human food equivalents. I couldn’t believe how temptingthe beef jerky smelled but no, I just didn’t have the nerve to bite into one.

In checking-out the list of ingredients, Milo’s Kitchen gets a paws up since the first and primary ingredient on each bag is either beef or chicken but “no artificial flavors orcolors.”There isa preservative listedthus the treat’s 18 month shelf life.

The hounds love ’em. My gosh, if they spot one of their humans even near a bag of these treats, they go into immediate sit-lay-beg mode. In other words, they lose any shred ofdignity they may have been clinging to in theirdesparate attempts to garner one of Milo’s savory snacks. Looks like Shake’s favorite is the beef jerky while Joey drools obsessively and equally for all of them.

Milo's Kitchen Treats Milo’s ktchen treats come in 3 sizes:

  • Small (2.7-3.3 oz)
  • Medium (10-14 oz)
  • Large (15-20 oz)

They’re pricedfrom (approximately)$3.50 to $16 and can be purchasedfrom a variety of on-line pet supply retailers

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