Silverfoot Bear Bells by Wild Mountain Online

Silverfoot Bear Bells by Wild Mountain Online


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Bear Bell

I take my dog many places in the backcountry where bears and all sorts of other wild animals hang out. I LOVE to see wildlife, yes even bears. In fact, I think one of the most beautiful things in the worldis to watch an animal in his element. For this reason I often keep my dog on a leash so that he will not scare these animals away. However, I know that my dog loves to run and exploreso there are times when I let him looseso thathe too canget someenjoyment out of our time spent in the wild.There are times when I have regretted this decision. My dog, being thehunter he is,has sniffed out a few bears, been sprayed by a skunk (twice) and feltthe very painful wrath of a porcupine.

I knew there must besome way to alert the wild animals that my dog was nearing so they could get a running start before being hounded by a curious, slobbering pup. I figured I would give one of these bear bells a try.

Polar and his Silverfoot Bear Bell

I know there is a great debate on weather or not these bells really work. And yes, I have heard the old saying: How do you tell the difference between black bear scat and grizzly bear scat? The grizzly bear scat has bear bells in it. Thankfully, we don’t have many grizzlies in Colorado.

I don’t yet have proof that these bells work on bears, as I have yet to see one since having this bell. However, I do know that they work on deer and skunk. I have seen both animals take off running at first sound of the bell. Usually, my dog can get within a few feet of the animal before they realize he is there and start to run away. The bellhas got to be much safer for all animals involved.

5 Paws Up!I give the Silverfoot Bear Bells from Wild Mountain Online five paws up!

You can purchase Silverfoot Bear Bells from Wild Mountain Online for $9.95. They come in 2 different styles, both easily attach with a carabiner, and several different colors.

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