Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps

Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps


Survival Straps

Survival Straps Collar

I know, I know another dog collar review, BUT all dog collars are NOT createdequal. For me this is adog collar that stands above the rest.The Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps is handmade in the U.S.A (YEAH), it’sthick, durable, stylish, andthe best part about it is…..if you are in an emergency situation or need to help someone outthe collar unravels into a durable military grade paracord.

Use it for a tourniquet, to tie luggage to acar, tohelp make a shelter during the rain, whatever situation may arise use it!! Survival Straps will make you a new one. No really if you need touse the paracord it is Survival Straps guarantee that if you send themyour story and $5 to cover shipping(and a picture or 2 if you can) theywill mail you a new collar.How awesome is that?!?

Polar and his Paracord Collar

Survival Strapsis dedicatedto helpingthose in uniform. They have recently teamed upwith the Wounded Warrior Project to help wounded soldiers with their struggles after returning from the war. A small company who pride themselves on fantastic customer service make several different products all which can be unraveled to a paracord. They not only make dog items, but human products too! To show support of those in uniform they make special products for EMS, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, etc.

The Paracord Dog Collar by Survival Straps is available on their websitein severaldifferent color optionsand start at about $35.

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