Approved for Pets

DogTime’s renowned panel of experts offers advice on everything from training to nutrition to how to select the right dog for you. We invited some of them to take the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge – here’s what they had to say:

Eric Goebelbecker

Eric serves on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Behavior Consultants ( and is a regular blogger at Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Star Daily ( website. Eric runs Dog Spelled Forward dog training ( in Maywood, NJ. He lives with Dagmar, his very patient wife, and Christian, his son. Caffeine, the bit of a handful puppy turned still-a-bit-of-a-handful dog, shares her home with Gage and Buddha, two other rescues. (Caffeine is pictured jumping through the tire.) Photo credit: (Copyright 2009 Ars Magna Studio.)

Buddha finished the 28 days looking great. Better than he did on the other premium food he was eating. He received several compliments about how beautiful and soft his coat was. He definitely liked the taste, and was excited at every meal. Buddha really, really loved the chicken in Eukanuba’s Premium Performance formula and I would recommend it to others. I think I am going to try their Naturally Wild Formula next.

Julie Bjelland

Julie has 15 years of experience as a dog trainer and trained at the world renowned Guide Dogs for the Blind, an organization known for producing some of the best-trained dogs in the world. In her book, Imagine Life with a Well-Behaved Dog, a 3-Step Positive Dog Training program, her years of experience provide this book with comprehensive information that tackles basic training and almost every problem behavior under the sun. Additionally, because each dog’s situation is unique, Julie is offering readers one-on-one guidance via her website,


My experience with Eukanuba was good because my puppy, Cody really loved the food. I was even surprised to see my cats going to his bowl to try to eat it! I’ve never seen my cats interested in dog food before and had to keep them out of Cody’s bowl! It made me realize that the flavor of the food must have been really appealing. On the previous food Cody tended to have loose stools off and on, but during the time he ate Eukanuba’s food he never had one day of loose stools. I could tell that the food was good for Cody’s digestive system. The pieces are slightly bigger too so that benefited his teeth and his gums look really healthy. His coat is extra soft as well. While the cost may be slightly higher, I can see the benefits probably outweigh the extra cost because you tend to get what you pay for in dog food. It feels good to feed him a higher quality food. I would recommend feeding Eukanuba to others.