ShedMonster | De-shedding tool for dogs and cats

ShedMonster | De-shedding tool for dogs and cats


With a senior Lab who sheds fur faster than Tom Jones sheds bow-ties (or used to), I’m happy to test any product that promises relief from my fur-infested flat!

Ronco Veg-O-Matic My experiences with “As seen on TV” products have been mostly pleasant ones that hearken back to the70’s when my sister and I pooled our allowance together to buy our mom a Ronco Veg-O-Matic for Mother’s Day.

With one downward slam that puppy could transform a potato into the most perfectly formed french fries you’ve ever sacrificed to a pot of boiling grease.

Kaya and the ShedMonster I’m pleased to report that the ShedMonsteris another great “As seen on TV” find. While both Joey and Buddha shot me a look of apprehension as I approached them with the new grooming tool, I believe I know the reason for their fear.

I’m afraid I’ve unintentionally scratched their sensitive skin in the past while brushing them with standard, wire pet brushes. Especially Joey.

Buddha and the ShedMonster But once they felt the smooth edges of the ShedMonster’s teeth and their massaging effect, they immediately relaxed and lapped up the spontaneous spa-time. The ShedMonster has absolutely no sharp edges and yet it grabs as much fur as the best bristle brushes I’ve used in the past. I was particularly impressed with the amount of loose fur it removed from Buddha’s coat.

No more scratching, no more pulling. It’s nice to know that brushing my babies fur will finally be the pleasant actvity I’d always intended it to be and not something they dread. The ShedMonster passes our test!

The ShedMonster sells for $19.99 and can be purchased at and in-store (call first to make sure your local BB&B hasthem in-stock).

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