Terra Paws | All Natural Freeze-Dried Pet Treats

Terra Paws | All Natural Freeze-Dried Pet Treats

Shakespeare and his Terra Paws treats Hailey from Terra Paws

Anthony Santarsiero founded Terra Pawswith the goal of creating healthy, nutritious pet treats for his dog, Hailey. Using the vitamin packed sweet potato along with USA bred chicken and beef liver (freeze-dried to lock-in the natural vitamins and nutrients), Anthonyhas served-up some healthy, “guilt-free” treats for all of our pets to enjoy.

Buddha and his Terra Paws treat We sampled both the chicken and beef liver (with sweet potato) treats.The feline reviewers gave the treats a paws-up with Buddha favoring the chicken flavor and Braveheart equally enamored with both. The “hounds” devoured each flavor with the same amount of gusto and hung around for several minutes in hopes that the taste-testing session had not concluded before they had satiated their newfound Terra Paws treat addiction!

Terra Paws carnage After writing this review, I foolishly left the Terra Paws treats on the dining room table as I proceeded to busy myself with household chores. The photo to the right shows a small samplng of the carnage I walked into the following day. The mess ran from one end of the table to the other. Ya think the cats like these treats?? LOL!

I love the fact that the treats contain only two ingredients, chicken and sweet potato or beef liver and sweet potato. No preservatives, no additives no fillers. What a refreshing change to have the list of ingredientse xactly match the advertised flavor.

Terra Paws All Natural Treatspassed the Secret Shopper’s test!

Note: I served the Terra Pawstreats both dry and re-hydrated, you can also jazz-up your pet’s usual (boring) kibble by crumbling and sprinkling the treats on top.

Since Terra Paws treatsare freeze-dried, they weigh 75% less than non-freeze-dried treats thus the compact, 3 oz package size (which is equivalent to a 14 oz package of traditional pet treats). The Beef Liver and Sweet Potato and the Chicken and Sweet Potato treats sell for $13.99 and can be purchased online at TerraPaws.com.

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