Save shelter dogs, eliminate cruelty — HURRY!

Courtesy of the Guarding Dogs blog

Heard about the documentary Guarding Dogs? If not, it’s probably because the film has yet to be made. But according to its producers, and director J.R. Fleming, the goal is to create an interactive, multimedia experience that raises awareness about animal rescue, exposes the reality of shelter life, and encourages adoption.

This is the part of their mission I really like:

“…influence the way people think about animal companionship; not as an owner/property relationship but rather as a guardian/companion dynamic that encourages respect and reduces abuse and neglect.”

Here’s where you come in. The filmmakers need to raise a minimum of $20,000 by July 21 to begin the project. They are sooo close — less than $3,000 away. If every DogTime reader and Save a Dog user were to give just a buck today, I bet we could get them there.

Think of it… What if there really was a movie that became a movement? What if a project like this was noticed by educators around the country and instituted in grade school curricula? What if we really could help make a difference in preventing cruelty and promoting compassion?

Readers, are you in?

UPDATE: The project’s initial goal was met — this documentary will begin production! Still, many more dollars are needed to meet the final budget. HUGE thanks to all who have contributed thus far…