Project Pet: Slim Down from Purina

According to a recent study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of our nation’s dogs and cats are overweight — a condition that can lead to everything from kidney disease to arthritis to heart failure. If your cat or dog is among this unhealthy majority, Purina® may be able to help.

The well-known petfood manufacturer has launched a new program called Project: Pet Slim Down™, a multifaceted program designed to guide your cat or dog to his optimum weight. Project Pet: Slim Down™ allows you to easily track your pet’s weight loss progress and provides support by connecting you with other pet owners working toward a similar goal on their Facebook page .

The first step is to visit your veterinarian and determine your pet’s ideal weight based on his or her Body Condition System® score. From there, Purina’s program makes it easy and fun to stay on course. Among its features: helpful hints for burning calories, tips for shedding unwanted fat, and badges of achievement you can share with family and friends celebrating your pet’s successes.

Project: Pet Slim Down is designed to keep both owners and animals motivated and inspired. Not only can you upload photos of your cat or dog on their journey to great health, you can watch Purina’s exclusive pet weight loss reality series, which chronicles the ups and downs of dogs and cats and their owners in their determination to get fit. And if your veterinarian recommends a weight loss diet for your pet, coupons are available for Purina Veterinary Diets ® OM Overweight Management Formula® on

Not sure if your pet is overweight? Ask yourself the following:

  • Can you feel your dog’s individual ribs?
  • Is your dog (relatively) quick to tire during exercise?
  • Does your dog constantly beg or troll his environment for treats?
  • Does your dog look obese?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a visit to your veterinarian is in order. A healthy diet, sensible exercise program, and Project Pet Slim Down may just be the prescription.