The Waterbone Dog Sprinkler by Sukia Pet Toys


Sukia Pet Toys

Waterbone Sprinkler

Who doesn’t like to beat the heat in the summer? For me it is a must. I love nothing more than to relax in air conditioning or take a dip in a cool pool when the summer sun gets to be too much. If I like to be cool and my kids like to be cool, what about my dog?

Sukia Pet Toys must of had the same thought. They graciously sent in one of their Waterbone sprinklers for review. It’s a bone shaped sprinkler specifically designed with our canine friends in mind. It’s made from recycled plastic, is non-toxic, durable and attaches to an ordinary garden hose. What a fun summertime activity for a dog!

My dog is a still a puppy so he is a little bit unsure and it takes him a while to warm up to new things. Of course I can’t tell him to run through the sprinkler and cool off so, I had my kids show him what to do. After watching my kids run through the sprinkler with much excitement he decided to jump in. I think he thinks it’s a drinking fountain. He sits there and laps up the water and tries to bite the water streams that are squirting into the air. Quite hysterical, but he gets wet with the cold water so mission accomplished!

You can purchase the Waterbonefor $11.99 online from Sukia Pet Toys.

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