Michael Vick awarded Sportsman of the Year by Subway, BET

It’s enough to make one sick. To literally lose one’s lunch. On Sunday, Michael Vick was named Sportsman of the Year by Black Entertainment Television (BET), an award sponsored by Subway (yup, the sandwich makers).

Vick may not have electrocuted, beaten, hanged, or overseen the rape of any dogs lately, but he has yet to say — and more importantly do — anything that hints at true understanding and remorse. And even if he had, isn’t it a tad early to be bestowing honors? Is there no one, over the course of their career, who has better represented their profession?

If you’re perturbed, outraged, shocked, or simply bewildered by Subway’s sponsorship and BET’s decision, take action:

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Nope, I’m still not “over it.” Quiznos run, anyone?