Dreamfarm Membo for pet lovers | You’ll never overfeed or miss a feeding again

DreamfarmDreamfarm Membo

When did my memory morph from a steel trap into a sieve and my multi-tasking prowess bid me adieu? These days I don’t need a memory crutch, I need a full body cast. Any gadget, gizmo or whatchamacallit that keeps me from having to store one more piece of data in my overstuffed and cobweb covered mental files is a godsend!

Dreamfarm MemboSince our menagerie are all on different feeding schedules it’s not uncommon for some of them to get fed twice. One family member doesn’t know if another family member may have fed one animal or all of the animals before leaving the house.

The Memboisn’t just a clever idea, it’s also über cool! You can mount it using the magnets on the back or the adhesive mounts (included). You have a choice of dog, cat, fish or checkmark cards to insert in the little flippers.You could also tailor the Memboto fit your unique household or office needs by creating your own inserts.

We settled on a combo of inserts and keep the Membo centrally located on the refrigerator. Once you complete the task, you just flip the little doojy over so everyone knows the pet is fed, the plants are watered, etc. No more overfeeding (much to our pet’s dismay). We love Dreamfarm’s Membo!


You simply must visit the Dreamfarm website! It’s filled with one-of-a-kind, novel inventions, each solving a problem that has never been solved before. In addition to the Membo, the Chopula, Clongs and Teafu are my favorite Dreamfarm inventions.

You can purchase the Membo for $19.95 on the Dreamfarm website.

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