Onesta Organics | Dog, Cat & Pocket Pet Treats

Onesta Organics | Dog, Cat & Pocket Pet Treats

Onesta Organics

Onesta Organics Pet Treats

Onesta Organicswas born when zoologist, Dr. Heidi Junger, became frustrated with the lack of high quality pet foods on the market. Determinedto improve the situation, Heidi began marketing her own handcrafted, raw whole foods, dehydrated at low temperatures in order to preserve their natural nutrients.

Shakespeare & his gizzard chewI’ve heard talk about the benefits of raw food for our pets and it always sounded like a messy proposition but dehydrated raw food treats? Now you’re speaking my language!

We sampled a variety ofthe Onesta Organicstreats and the animals loved them.The Liver Hides and Gizzard Chews are the right size for our Lab and Dane while the smaller Hearty Treats and Fishie Yum Yums were ideal for our smaller taste testers.

As a matter of fact, little Mason and Jade’s superior sense of smell detected the treats in their mom’s purse the minute Kathleen walked in the door. Kathleen says, “I couldn’t even get them to sit still long enough to take a picture! They went nuts! They don’t just like them, they love them!”

And while Shakespeare passed on the Veggie Hides, Joey gobbled them up!

Indy & her Fishie Yum Yum Our finicky feline panel members gave their purr of approval to the Fishie Yum Yums, with Buddha attempting to abscond with the bag.

Onesta Organicscat & dog treats passedthetest!

You can purchase Onesta Organic treats in a variety of flavors for dogs, cats and “pocket pets” (love that term), on the Onesta Organics website.

If you think your product can pass the Secret Shopper’s test, send us an email: [email protected]