FouFou Dog | Designer dog apparel & accessories

FouFou Designer Doggy Fasions & Accessories FouFou Dog was created by Cheryl Ng in Richmond Hill, ON, with the goal of providing pet lovers with quality doggy fashions and accessories at competitive prices and BOY, does she know how to serve it up!

The FouFoucatalogue is a unique blend of trendy, original apparel and accessory designs that you won’t find anywhere else on your web surfs. From ready-to-wear fashions to collars to bling to barrets, the list goes on and on.

The hottest fashion designer to hit the doggy runway in some time, Cheryl Ng does us all a huge service by keeping durability and comfort in mind as she whips-up her masterpieces.

Abbey with her FouFou Furry Friend Abbey was the lucky tester of FouFou Dog’s “Slinky” and” Furry Friends” plushtoys. Here’s what her owner had to say, “These toys are a perfect size for Abbey, she went absolutely crazy when I was pulling them out of the bags.

She loved the slinky monkey! His arms and legs stretched and have the crinkle material that dogs go crazy over. All of the toys have a squeaker hidden inside. It’s little details like this that will keep a dog happy and occupied – great job FouFou Dog!”

FouFou Dog gives back! The FouFou team also has a BIG heart! They recently donated dozens and dozens of collars and leashes to the Española Valley Humane Societyin New Mexico.

Here’s what shelter Director, Bridget Lindquist had to say, “We’ve been so thrilled with Foufou’s generous donation of collars and leashes. The hits of color brighten the shelter, and the more smiles from volunteers, workers, and potential adopters, the better it is our for our animals.” Thank you FouFou Dog!

I advise everyone grab their virtual surfboard and catch a web-wave over to the FouFou website. Surfs up!

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