Video Review | Designer cat toys & accessories by Moderncat Studio

Moderncat Studio Moderncat Studio is a “collective design studio” comprised of some very talented designers all dedicated to creating unique and stylish cat products. They offer a cat lover’s potpourri of avant-garde kitty creations!

Our panel of feline product reviewers was so anxious to get started on the Moderncat review, they began using the Wave Lounge while it was still in its shipping box and liberated thecatnip toys from their cardboard cage. A sure sign that this review was going to be fun!

Wave Lounge - Cat scratcher & lounge Wave Lounge | Cardboard cat scratcher and lounge

The Wave Lounge stands out from scratcher/lounges we’ve reviewed in the past in that the cardboard strips are packed-in much more densley.Clearly the reason why the Wave Lounge has already outlasted some less expensive models we had around the house. I also like the fact that it is held together by tension instead of glue and it’s recyclable!

Braveheart has claimed the Wave Lounge as his very own and he has no intention of sharing! He likes to scratch, lounge, scratch, lounge, etc. $50

Bamboleos catnip toys Bamboleos | Re-purposed wine corks withcatnip

What a great way to recycle wine bottle corks. The cats went nuts over these little guys. The crew is able to fling these babies around using their claws because of the cotton twine they’re encased in and the catnip stuffed ends make them positively irresistable! 3 Pack – $9.50

Felt Rollers Felt Rollers

Sometimes the simplest doodads make the best cat toys. Exhibit A: Felt Rollers. These gadgets are simply pieces of felt sewn together and all three cats adore them.

In a testing frenzy, Indy launched one of these spheres into orbit where it landed on the other side ofthe room! 3 Pack – $5

ModKickers ModKickers| Cat toys stuffedwithorganic catnip

I have yet to meet a cat who doesn’t love to bunny kick but I much prefer they show-off their technique on a toy like the ModKicker as opposed to my hand.

Buddha kicks the living daylights out of these catnip stuffed logs, Miss Indy likes to roll around with them and Braveheart prefers cuddling with his ModKicker. A cat owner can never own too many of these gems.Small – $4 Large – $6

Watchour finicky feline review panelin action!

I advise all cat lovers to take a virtual stroll up to the ModerncatStudioand explore their cataloque of one-of-a-kind, super-chic, hand-crafted curiosities!

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