Sweetheart and Biscuit Breath Pet Placemats from Ruff Around The Hedges

SweetheartMy dog is perhaps the messiest eater…ever. He eats some, he drinks some and then he drools a lot. He splashes the water while he drinks and then drops pieces of food in it leaving it to soak into the carpet and create a sticky slobbery mess. If I put his food on the tile floor he leaves little puddles for people to slip in or step in and track to other places of the house. Some dogs might clean up their mess when they are done, but not mine, he just walks away. I know, he’s probably like the other kids in the house and figures I will clean it for him.

Biscuit breathFor this reason I am very thankful that Ruff Around The Hedgeshas sent some of their placemats in for reveiw, they stop the mess where it starts. No more wet socks, no more slips or goo on the carpet! The placemats are made out of polypropylene which can easily be wiped clean with a cloth or paper towel. They come in several different fun designs and colors. The Sweetheart Placemat can be purchased for $6.99 and the Biscuit Breath Placemat for $4.99, both available on the Ruff Around The Hedges website.

While you are poking around looking at all the cool stuff on the Ruff Around The Hedges website you can participate in the Happy Pups Donation Program! Pick out a few things and have them donated to your favorite shelter on your behalf. You pay for the products, Ruff Around the Hedges will pay for the shipping. What an awesome program!

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