Two Handled Leash from



This Two Handled Leash from is like having two leashes built into one. I no longer have to wrap the leash around my hand ten times when I need my dog a little bit closer to me. The longer handle on this leash gives your dog a little bit of freedom, like when you are on a hike and no one is around or on a walk through a wide open field. The shorter handle works great for those times when you need your dog to be close, like when you are passing people on a narrow trail or come across a herd of wild animals. The shorter handle also works great when you, like me, are teaching your pup to heel. I also found it quite handy to hold onto the longer handle while letting my smaller children hold onto the shorter handle, it makes them feel as if they are taking the dog for a walk.


5 Paws Up!The Two Handled Leash from gets a definite five paws up from our review panel!

The leash is 6 feet long, comes in fourteen different colors and is available with free custom personalization. The Two Handled Leash costs $17.99 plus sales tax and is available for free shipping when ordered directly off the Pikoda website.

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