No Kill series: we want to hear from you

10,000 dogs and cats are euthanized every single day in shelters across the U.S.

Last Tuesday, DogTime kicked off what may prove to be its most polarizing series of articles to date: 7 Hard-Learned Lessons about Animal Shelters, Euthanasia, and the No Kill Movement.

Every week, for the next seven weeks, we’ll be publishing a new installment, each one exploring a particular aspect of the plight of homeless dogs and cats. And with each post, we’ll invite readers to add their own comments and perspectives on the material presented.

As editor, I was nervous. Not that there was anything groundbreaking or controversial in that first introductory post, but I know that the mere mention of the phrase “no kill” elicits strong reactions. I realize that taking on such a loaded topic means I run the risk of alienating some readers. Especially as we tackle the issues in more depth in future installments. But I think the gamble is worth it. This is an important discussion to have.

The comments submitted in response to the first installment give me hope — they were respectfully and intelligently written. Most expressed a deep desire to spread education and awareness about the validity of shelter animals. That, and fostering compassion and communication are precisely the reasons we’re doing this.

As reader Pamela said:

“It’s been my experience that many potential adopters fear shelter animals have already been ‘thrown away’ once and don’t want ‘someone else’s problem.’ Reassuring them, and giving them the tools to help a new animal settle into their home, would go a long way.”

Our objective is not to turn people away, but to encourage readers to share their perceptions, work together (rather than against each other) on behalf of homeless animals, and ultimately effect change for the better.

For a preview of what’s coming up, check out the schedule of releases here.