GoughNuts Stick and Treats by Kona’s Chips

Pet Product Review: GoughNuts Stick and Treats by Kona’s Chips



I have always been one to support American made products, but before reading the story of Kona I had no idea just how dangerous products that are foreign made can be. There have been several recalls on China produced dog treats and food which means many, many pets have become ill or even passed away from consuming these products.

Kona, a Pomeranian, was one of the dogs sickened by these China made treats. His owners refused to let this happen again, but had a hard time finding treats that were 100% made in the U.S.A., so, Kona’s Chips was born.

Offering only 100% made in the U.S.A. products Kona’s Chips has a wonderful line of treats, supplements and toys. From the Chicken Jerky to the Liver Licks to the Chicken Krispies you can’t go wrong. If my dog could do flips, he would do several to get a taste of these products. He just loves them!! He often takes a piece of the Chicken Jerky and tosses up in the air several times before laying down and devouring it. Kona’s Chipshas quickly risen to the favorite treat in my house, they have a new customer for life!

GoughNutsThe GoughNuts Stickis a one of a kind chew toy! It is made of a durable, “almost indestructible” material that is good on land, but also floats in the water. I like that it has a two layered safety indicator. When the product is green it is safe for your dog to chew, but when you see the red layer start to come through it is time for a new GoughNuts Stick.

My dog loves to chew and this is the most durable product I have found yet. I am used to him destroying chew toys in a matter of days, some in a matter of minutes. Almost two weeks of chewing on this stick and I barely notice a difference in the way the products looks!


Treats by Kona’s Chips can be purchased directly off their website, Chicken Jerky starts at $9.49 for a 6 oz. bag, Liver Licks start at $8.79 for a 6 oz. bag and Chicken Krispies also run $8.79 for a 6 oz. bag. The GoughNuts Stick is also available through Kona’s Chips and costs $19.99 for the green stick.

** Kona’s Chips supports many organizations such as Fluffy Butts Rescue Resort, Canine Support Teams, Inc. (the prison pup program) and the Cpl. Sean A. Stokes Legacy Project (a project in support of working military dogs).

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