You know you’re a dog lover if…

Recently created a top ten list: signs you’re a dog lover. So much of what they said hit home that I decided to make my own list. 

You know you’re a dog lover if:

You have no idea which neighbor kid belongs to which house, but you can name every dog on the block.

You happen to think your dog’s [insert one] ears/paws/chest smells like [insert one] Doritos/cornbread/refried beans.

Your dog has any one of the following: beds in multiple rooms in the house, more than three nicknames, his own blog or email address, neuticles, annual birthday parties, monogrammed anything.

Sometimes you dream you and your dog are sliding together down a rainbow when he suddenly turns to you and says, “Did you remember to bring the cantaloupe?” (What does it meeeeeeeean?)

Talking about your dog’s poop is not only not gross, it’s a fairly common topic of conversation around the dinner table.

Only because you know she really wants to get in, you hop in the baby pool to show your dog how much fun it is.

No one, but NO one, tells your pup he has doggie breath.

Your spouse answers to your dog’s name or vice versa. Or, both your spouse and your dog look up when you say, “Sweetie?”

You can’t watch the movie Snoopy Come Home. You just can’t.

You know exactly how many weeks of your life you’d sacrifice to have five minutes inside your dog’s head.

Did I miss anything? Add your own…