Pedigree new & improved dry dog food recipes

Pedigree new & improved dry dog food recipes

We haven’t had a chance to taste it, but don’t put it past us.

Longtime cat and dog adoption advocate and pet food maker, Pedigree®, has retooled their recipe, and the result is… extra nutritious, just as tasty. (At least the latter is what we hear.)

Pedigree, created its new dog food formulation on recommendations out of the Waltham® Centre for Pet Nutrition, which identified four Universal Needs of Dogs: healthy skin/coat, preventative oral care, good digestion, and a strong immune system. In other words, when your pup receives the nutrition he needs to fuel these four areas, and you have the foundation for a happy, healthy pet.

Makes sense to us. Like with humans, skin is your dog’s largest organ – essential to everything from protecting her from bacteria and viruses to regulating her core temperature. So, Pedigree’s added zinc and linoleic acid for a healthy coat and dermis.

And oral care, often overlooked by pet owners, is the best protection against periodontal disease. Eighty percent of adult dogs will suffer from this painful condition; potentially worse, periodontal disease can lead to serious heart, lung, and kidney problems.

As for healthy digestion and a strong immune system, those are no-brainers. Gastrointestinal troubles are no fun (for either of you), so Pedigree’s new formula includes increased levels of fiber – essential for bacteria control, nutrient absorption, and even weight management. Vitamins C and E, antioxidants, were incorporated to boost immunity.

Pedigree’s new line hit stores last month, and the results of taste tests from our four-legged reviewers will be in shortly. Meanwhile, we applaud Pedigree’s commitment to ensuring all dogs receive loving homes – and high-quality dog food. If you would like to read more about Pedigree’s new line, head on over the

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