Ora’s Favorite Dog Treat Mix by Custom Canine BisKITS

Pet Product Review: Ora’s Favorite Dog Treat Mix by Custom Canine BisKITS


Those who know me know that I love to bake! I am always seeking out new recipes to try and find it a huge bonus if I can find a healthy treat to bake for my family. So, why not try to bake something healthy for my dog? In my search to find a good dog treat recipe I came across Custom Canine BisKITS, healthy bake at home dog treat mixes. They have pre-made mixes or you can choose to customize a mix, meaning you can pick the ingredients for the treats you bake for your dog.
The mixes come with freeze dried or air dried fruits, vegetables and meats. All mixes are preservative free, sugar free, salt free and have no additives. The instructions for these bake at home mixes could not be easier to follow AND you can re-use the bag the mixes come in to store the baked treats.
About 20 minutes after I put these healthy treats in the oven the aroma was filling my house. My kids kept asking me what I was making for dinner, I had to keep reminding them that we were baking treats for the dog! And what did the dog think, you might be wondering? My husband took him for a hike in the spring snow and when he returned, wet and cold, he was welcomed with a a few treats, still warm from the oven. He was in heaven! He gobbled them right up and then came and sat by me as if he was asking for more.
Custom Canine BisKITS gets 5 paws up from the review panel!
5 Paw Rating
Available online at Custome Canine BisKITS, each kit is $8.95 plus tax and shipping. If you don’t bake, don’t worry, you can also purchase pre-made treats which are also $8.95 plus tax and shipping per bag.

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