Caribou Crunch and Let’s Fetch Gift Basket from Bell’s Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets

Pet Product Review: Caribou Crunch and Let’s Fetch Gift Basket from Bell’s Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets


Bell’s Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets offers a wide variety of gifts, including baskets for those of the human type. It isn’t often we get to test products for ourselves so this was huge treat. Bell’s Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets has a gift for people with a sweet tooth called Caribou Crunch. The mixture of caramel corn and almonds covered with white chocolate is absolutely to die for. This bag of goodies did not last more than 5 minutes in my house. YUM! Perhaps the best part about this popcorn mix is, for every bag of Caribou Crunch purchased Bell’s Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets donates $1 to no-kill animal shelters.

If you own a Lab or Retriever you probably know what I mean when I say my dog constantly wants to play fetch. Every time I turn around my dog is standing there wagging his tail with a stick or ball in his mouth just waiting for me to take it and throw it. The Let’s Fetch Gift Basket is the perfect gift basket for “that” kind of dog. Coming with a Kong toy, a Pocket Chuck-It ball thrower, a Flying Squirrel Frisbee type toy, a tennis ball, and 2 chew sticks for when he’s ready to relax. All this comes packaged nicely in collapsible 1 liter water dish. It’s a dream come true for the fetch lover!

You can purchase Caribou Crunch and the Let’s Fetch Gift Basket directly off the Bell’s Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets website. The Caribou Crunch costs $10 for a large bag while the Let’s Fetch Gift Basket will run you about $65.

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