The New Dyson Groom Tool

Pet Product Review – The New Dyson Groom Tool



We often joke about using the vacuum on our sweet (but ever-shedding) Lab Joey, so when we learned Dyson had come out with a Groom Tool, we just had to test one!

The Dyson Groom Tool attached easily to the hose of our Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum and was easy to use: as you brush, you apply pressure to the trigger with your thumb to expose the bristles, occasionally releasing pressure to allow the vacuum to clean the brush by sucking in the loose fur. “Groom. Suck. Gone.”
Since Joey isn’t bothered by the sound of the vacuum cleaner, he was very relaxed during his grooming session. He loves to be brushed! After his brushing, we were surprised to find that the Tool not only sucked up Joey’s loose fur, it also captured a a lot of dead skin cells. What a great tool!
Dyson Groom Tool
We love the Dyson Groom Tool! It’s easy to use, reasonably priced and it catches the fur before it makes a home on our furniture and clothes – 5 paws up!
You can purchase the Groom Tool at for $69.99 and the shipping is FREE!
The Dyson Groom Tool is compatible with most Dyson vacuums with the exception of handheld vacuums and a few of their canister vacuums. You can check your vacuum’s compatibility with the Groom Tool on their suitability page.

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