Shampooch and Healing Skin Spray for Dogs by Razberry Hound

Pet Product Review: Shampooch and Healing Skin Spray for Dogs by Razberry Hound


Razberry Hound is a company selling all natural products for dogs to help in the treatment hot spots, rashes and itchy skin. Razberry Hound incorporates the mind, body and environment of your pet when creating their products. Their products not only kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, but they stimulate the dogs immune system to help speed up the healing process.


These products were tested on guests panelists Smokey and Tonka. Here is what their owner Stephanie had to say about Razberry Hound Shampooch: “My dogs are very active outdoors and are often bathed, which can wreak havoc on their coats. My first preference for any product is one derived of all natural ingredients, so I was very excited to try this shampoo. I decided to try it on my dog who had been running around in the muddy grass. The castile soap pours out quickly unlike thick crème shampoos, so I made sure to squeeze the bottle over the dog as not to waste any. I love the natural ingredients and that it has a terrific lather on my Lab’s thick coat. The scent is terrific! My dog does not smell like baby powder or perfume, but extremely fresh with a hint of citrus. I would recommend Razberry Hound Shampooch for any dog, especially those with thick oily coats”.

Here is what Stephanie had to say about Razberry Hound Healing Skin Spray for Dogs: For the last three months, my dog has suffered with a hot spot on her foot. She has been on prescription medication and continues to wear an E-collar to prevent licking. Because of the location of the dermatitis and her long snout, she is able to lick the sore often, hence inhibiting healing. I have tried many unsuccessful topical ointments and sprays specifically for hot spots. After spraying the affected area with Razberry Hound’s Healing Skin Spray, my dog did not react or try to lick it off. It appears that it is soothing to the skin and after a few days use, the spot has decreased in size”. Check out the before and after pictures having only used the product for just a few days!

Hotspot_after_thumb Hotspot_thumb

You can purchase Razberry Hound products directly off their website. A 12 oz. bottle of their Shampooch for Dogs sells for $12.95 and an 8 oz. bottle of their Healing Skin Spray for Dogs runs $9.95.

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