Pawfume from Bark 4 Green

Pet Product Review: Pawfume from Bark 4 Green


My dog loves to run around outside, roll in the dirt and get as stinky as possible. I actually think he kinda likes the smell of himself when he stinks. I, however, love the just bathed smell. I know it’s not healthy for my dog to give him a bath every day, so I love products that can give him that fresh out of the shower smell between baths and Pawfume does just that.


Pawfume is an all-natural, chemical free “perfume” for dogs. It’s an eco-friendly dog grooming product essential, made with only the best ingredients. It comes in a small sleek tin that isperfect to carry in your purse or pocket. When your dog needs a little bit of freshening up you just rub a small amount on his/her head and neck.

I love the way this product smells, you can put a little bit on for a hint of the aroma or more on if you prefer a stronger scent. It lasts for hours and doesn’t make my dogs fur feel greasy like some of the other products out there.

On another note, Bark 4 Green is an awesome company selling only eco-friendly products made from recycled, organic or all-natural products. They also give back to their community by supporting organizations such as WWF, ASPCA and The Humane Society.
You can purchase Pawfume from the Bark 4 Green website, it comes in 8 different scents and sells for $10.99.
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