Shop online? Raise money for shelters without spending a cent!

Dear Reader,

Are you someone who buys things? Any sorts of any things at all? If you said yes, I’ve got GREAT news for you!

You can help animals in need every time you shop online, and it won’t cost you a cent.

It’s called Save a Dog Shopping, and it’s already in place in your favorite online retail destinations – like Orbitz and Walmart and the MicroSoft Store (and more). That’s right – the shopping you’re already doing will raise money for shelters but cost you nothing. (*If you’re not familiar with Save a Dog, see below.)

Save a Dog Shopping FAQs in a nutshell:

Q:  How does Save a Dog Shopping work?

A:  Simple. When you click on a Shop Now button in Save a Dog shopping and then make a purchase, the retailer donates a certain percentage of the purchase price to the cause designated by Save a Dog. (The donation percentage is listed right below the retailer.)  No strings or gimmicks: you purchase something and the retailer donates to the cause.

Q:  Does is cost ME anything?

A:  NO. It is completely free. You make a purchase just as you normally would, and the retailer is obligated to make a donation on your behalf. It costs you NOTHING beyond your purchase.

Q:  When I shop at Save a Dog Shopping how are dogs helped?  

A:  When you make purchases at Save a Dog Shopping, our retailers donate a percentage of your purchase to Save a Dog’s featured charity,, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Q:  How is the donation percentage determined?

A:  We work with each Save a Dog Shopping partner to set a donation percentage based on numerous factors.  We try to get the biggest percentage we can, and you can sort the list of retailers by the percentage they donate.

Check out the complete list of FAQs and all details on Save a Dog Shopping:

The bottom line is, you can’t afford NOT to use Save a Dog Shopping. What are you waiting for? The Internet is always open…

Save a Dog is DogTime’s Facebook application, the only one leveraging social media to help real dogs in need of homes. Once you install the Save a Dog application, you earn points by simply selecting one of the actions presented (for example, “foster a dog” or “walk your dog”). For every 2500 points you earn, DogTime donates the financial equivalent of a cup of food to It’s completely free to use — the only thing you spend is a moment of your time. And yep, you’re helping to save real dogs.