Year of the Rabbit Dog Sweater by Rockstar Puppy

Pet Product Review: Year of the Rabbit Dog Sweater by Rockstar Puppy



Chinese New Year 4709, or 2011 in the Western calendar, is the Year of the Rabbit. It is predicted by Chinese Astrology that 2011 will a much calmer year, on both a personal level and world level. Will this ring true?

Rockstar Puppy has a beautiful black dog sweater trimmed in red and silver rhinestones to symbolize the Year of the Rabbit. According to their website, “A pet born in the Rabbit’s year will have a sweet disposition. Even-tempered and obedient, he will be sensitive to the moods of his parents and act accordingly. He can sit quietly and concentrate on one toy or game at a time. He will be easy to discipline and should have little trouble fitting in at the dog park. He learns his lessons well and with ease. Shrugging off his setbacks, the Rabbit will patiently start again from square one. Well-tuned to his environment, the rabbit pet will be will-liked and accepted in all circles.”

It sounds like 2011 will be producing a bunch of “perfect dogs”. So, why not get your perfect dog the perfect sweater? The Year of the Rabbit Dog Sweater by Rockstar Puppy is fashionable, yet thick enough to provide your dog with extra warmth. We tested it on guest panelist Snoops and here is what her owner Genevieve had to say about it: “Snoops is a small dog, who loves the warmth of a nice sweater, especially on a cold day. Her new Year of the Rabbit Dog Sweater is not only functional but also totally adorable. Snoops actually prances while she is in it. It helps to maintain her body heat while on a walk, when she plays in the yard and even inside when she is snuggled up in her bed. The sweater has a close knit and seems very durable, I would definitely recommend it for those dogs who want to look like a rock star!”


Snoops gives The Year of the Rabbit Dog Sweater a 5 paw rating!

5 Paw Rating

The Year of the Rabbit Dog Sweater can be purchased online at Rockstar Puppy for $34.

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