Farm Sanctuary supports bill to ban factory farming abuse

By Michele C. Hollow, Pet News and Views

Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, supports the introduction of a bipartisan state bill that would prevent some of the most cruel and inhumane confinement of farm animals in Massachusetts.

photo credit: Farm Sanctuary

The bill, named the Massachusetts Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, introduced by Rep. Jason M. Lewis (D-Winchester) and Minority Whip Sen. Robert L. Hedlund (R-Hingham), would require that farm animals have enough room to turn around freely, lie down, stand up and fully extend their limbs. These basic standards of care are often absent on many industrial factory farms.

The law would prevent three of the worst factory farm abuses: veal crates for calves, battery cages for egg-laying hens and gestation crates for breeding pigs.

Dr. Allan Kornberg, executive director of Farm Sanctuary, said, “Farm animals are highly sensitive, intelligent animals who deserve to be treated with respect and consideration, not like unfeeling machinery. Confining animals in cages so small they can barely move is inhumane and it is not aligned with the values of the compassionate people of Massachusetts. We encourage other elected officials to co-sponsor and support this important piece of legislation.”

Seven states—Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan and Oregon—have passed laws to phase out one or more of these factory farm abuses.

Farm Sanctuary urged passage of the first laws in the U.S. to protect farm animals on factory farms and established two of the first shelters for rescued farm animals in this country.

How You Can Help

If you live in Massachusetts, contact your representatives today and urge them to support the Massachusetts Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. If you don’t live in Massachusetts, but have family and friends who do, please share this information with them.

Contact your representatives: click here.

Michele C. Hollow writes the animal welfare blog Pet News and Views.