The Pet Corrector by The Company of Animals

Pet Product Review – The Pet Corrector by The Company of Animals

The Company of Animals

The Pet Corrector & Halter

The Pet Corrector is a can of pressurized air that emits a hissing sound when sprayed. It emulates the warning sound that snakes, geese and insects make in the wild. I was more than a little skeptical of the effectiveness a can of air would have on our Great Dane but was certainly willing to give it a try.
There were a number of behaviors we needed help correcting including: barking while we’re eating; digging in the couch; and inappropriate chewing.
For inappropriate barking, my daughter followed the instruction’s suggestion to give the “quiet” command at the same time she delivered a short blast of the spray. Once quiet, Shakespeare was praised and rewarded.

The results: Unbelievable! I was really hoping to include my own video clip with this review however the Pet Corrector worked so well (after only a few uses), that Shakespeare now stops his negative behavior the moment he’s given the command or sees the can. Honest to Pete!

I think it’s important to note that he doesn’t fear the can, quite the contrary, he seems fascinated by it even licking it at times. We are so very shocked and pleased with the results!

5 Paw Rating 5 (quiet) paws up for the Pet Corrector
You can purchase Pet Corrector on the In the Company of Dogs website for $14.95 or $24.95 for the Pet Corrector and holster.

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