Cuddle Up Pup by Arabella and Fern

Product Review: Cuddle Up Pup by Arabella and Fern



So, you’ve brought home your new puppy and are dreading crate training and those first couple of nights your new pup is away from his mom and littermates for the first time. It’s a popular recommendation to place a ticking clock, a warm water bottle or a shirt with your scent in the crate of your new puppy. It is believed that this will comfort your puppy and help to relive some of the anxiousness he may experience.

The company Arabella and Fern takes this idea to the next level with their Cuddle Up Pup. It is a set that comes with a Cudgie (small blanket), a Woof Warmer (re-useable microwaveable heat pack), a heartbeat pillow and a chomper (a small rope toy for your pup to chew on). The set is made to comfort your puppy and recreate some of the same feelings he felt when he was with his mom. Thus, making crate training and the first few nights easier on everyone.

I have a new puppy and want to make sure that he thinks of his crate as a place of comfort and not one of punishment. I love the idea of using the ticking heartbeat pillow, it worked with my kids so I thought I would put the Cuddle Up Pup to the test to see if the same would work on a dog. While I have had my puppy for about a month now he was still very nervous about being in his crate, especially at night. He would whimper and whine at random intervals throughout the night waking everyone up.


I have been using the Cuddle Up Pup for about a week now and have noticed a significant difference in my puppy. Starting the first night he saw what was in his crate and actually ran in there on his own to explore the new surroundings. I noticed that each night he would cry less and for the last 2 nights he has actually only cried when he need out to relieve himself.

The Cuddle Up Pup gets a 5 paw rating from our review panel.

5 Paw Rating

The Cuddle Up Pup runs about $50 and is not just for puppies. Arabella and Fern also makes a Cuddle Up Senior Pup which comes with and extra-large and cozy blanket and a Woof Warmer designed for heat therapy for those achy muscles and joints.

On a side note, excellent customer service is hard to come across these days. I must say that I was very impressed with the customer service at Arabella and Fern, they really bend over backwards for their customers and are willing to go the extra mile!

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