EzyDog Cujo Bungee Leash from The DogOutdoors.com

Pet Product Review:EzyDog Cujo Bungee Leash from The DogOutdoors.com



The EzyDog leash from TheDogOutdoors.com is a bungee style leash designed to help positively reinforce loose leash walking. It is a shorter style leash which helps to give you more control over your dog.

Personally, I prefer a shorter leash so I liked the EzyDog from the beginning. I also happen to really like the “stretch” of the leash. I don’t feel like my dog is yanking me all over the place. Perhaps the most inviting feature of this leash is the comfort of the handle. I would say that it is similar to the handle on a bicycle only with more cushion. It truly is the most comfortable leash handle I have ever held, it’samazing!!

If you aren’t one who like the short style leash or you want to walk more than one dog at a time several different extension types are available.


The EzyDog Cujo leash retails for about $24 (extensions extra)and can be purchased online from TheDogOutdoors.com.

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