Blueberry Energy Snaps and Peanut Butter & Honey Biscuits by Organic Pet

Pet Product Review: Blueberry Energy Snaps and Peanut Butter & Honey Biscuits by Organic Pet



Have you ever wondered what is really in the food and treats that we give our dogs? I have, I also find myself wondering where the products were made. I often see treats or food at pet stores and wonder which of one of the ingredients that I can’t pronounce is harmful. I usually come to the conclusion that if I can’t pronounce it then it is harmful and I usually do not buy that particular product. For this reason I am a sucker for organic products.

While doing some Internet research I came across and thought I would test out some of their products. I like the fact that the founders shared a similar belief about the average ordinary dog food and treats. They wanted to create something better for their pets and ours. Here is a clip from a recent press release about OrganicPetBoutique.comthat tells a little bit about how they came to be: “After exhaustive research, they found that organic pet food was not subject to the toxins prevalent in products from China due to the strict rules and regulations governing the organic pet food industry. Having trouble finding a comprehensive pet food site they sought out to create one.

On December 7th 2009 Organic Pet shifted from a dream into a reality! The website kicked off with a bang and the business sold through all of their inventory in the first month!

Currently Organic Pet has over 400 unique products ranging from Organic Pet Food to Organic Pet Supplements. Simply Fido Pet Toys are one of their best sellers. Simply Fido Pet Toys are created from Organic cotton and plant based dyes and they are one of the safest pet toys on the market!”

Bluetreat-1_thumbUpon openingthe treats from the first thing I noticed wasthe smell. Mostpetstorebought treats have andawful odor. That was definitely not the casehere.I could definitely make out certain fragrances such as that of peanut butter and blueberry. I don’tknowabout you, but Itend to have slightly higher standards when comesto organic products and these treats definitely met my standards. Did they, however, meet the standards of perhaps the most important part of thisequation, my puppy?I must say, they did! He gobbled them right down and then stood there staring at me as if he was saying “More, Please”.


As mentioned above, sells a wide variety of organic products which can be purchased off their website: They have also very graciously offered our readers a discount. Please enter the code FREE15 upon checkout to receive15% off your order.

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