Good Buddy Peanut Butter & Organix Dog Cookies

Pet Product Reviews – Good Buddy Peanut Butter & Organix Dog Cookies

By Guest Blogger – Lindsey

Castor & Pollux Good Buddy & Organix Dog Treats

Kaya & Good Buddy Natural Dog Cookies
If you want your pooch to be putty in your hands, walk around with a box of the Castor & Pollux Organix and Good Buddy treats. Kaya turned from a naughty girl to my perfect little angel. That is until I took my eyes off the box for a moment only to catch Kaya with her nose buried in her favorite flavor (Good Buddy peanut butter cookies)! The Organix cookies are great for training because they are smaller in size, they were great at the dog park to lure Kaya back when she strayed too far.
Kaya & Organix Organic Dog CookiesNot only is Kaya a fan but as a concerned mother, so am I. I have to be aware of what I let Kaya eat because she has a sensitive stomach. After studying the ingredients of the organic cookies (containing no artificial preservatives, no added salt and no added sugar) I felt confident that these treats were a good fit for her. I will continue to use the Organix treats and would recommend them to all other dog lovers.
5 Paw Rating 5 paws up for Castor & Pollux dog cookies

Organix Organic Dog Cookies are available in chicken, peanut butter and cheese flavors and sell for $6.49. Good Buddy Natural Dog Cookies are available in cheese, peanut butter, pumpkin & apple flavors and sell for $4.99. You can purchase both treats (and more) on the website.

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