PureBites Freeze Dried Dog & Cat Treats

Pet Product Review – PureBites Freeze Dried Dog & Cat Treats

PureBites dog Treats

PureBites dog Treats

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve checked the ingredients on a package of “natural” dog snacks and found a list longer than my dog’s tail, I would be on a wine tasting world tour right now. I’m happy to say that PureBites advertises, “only 1 ingredient” in their freeze dried treats and that’s exactly what you get. According to Wikipedia, freeze-drying, “causes less destruction of the nutritional integrity…” of the treat. Sounds like a winner to me, let’s see how the treats fared with the Panel.
PurebitesReview Panel members, Joey and Shakespeare, both LOVE the chicken breast and beef liver flavors. You can see from the photos that given his choice between the chicken and beef flavors, Shakespeare just couldn’t decide, so he went for both! At less than 10 calories per treat, I’m able to reward the guys more often than I normally would, which makes for two extremely happy hounds! I’m now being pressured to run out for some PureBite cat treats or face the wrath of the Fickle Feline Coalition.

PureBites come in a variety of flavors: Ocean Whitefish, chicken breast, beef liver and Trail Mix (beef liver, sweet potato & green beans). The cost is $7.99 per package at Petco.com or visit the PureBites store locator page to find a retailer in your area.

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