Handcrafted Leather Pet Collars by Paco Collars

Pet Product Review – Handcrafted leather pet collars by Paco Collars

Paco Collars

Shakespeare in his Paco Collar
Paco Collars was founded in 2002 by Ana Poe (the human who was owned by the company’s namesake until his passing in 2009), and specializes in handcrafted leather works-of-art. Their pet collar designs are gorgeous! They use the highest grade Latigo Leather (the same leather used for horse tack), which has a low carbon footprint and is ideal for weathering the elements.
The Paco Collar Namid designIn choosing collars for my pets, I’ve honestly never looked for much more than safety and functionality. But, when we put Shakespeare’s new Paco collar on him, my daughter and I could not believe how this beautiful accessory changed his whole persona! He went from wimpy-big-dog in a striped nylon collar, to majestic-Great-Dane, King of the Giant Breeds! No kidding! The width is perfect for his long neck; the Namid design with brass studs and royal blue gems very classy; and the rich, brown leather commands respect (except from the cats, that will never change). He finally has a collar to match his noble name and impressive physique!
I’m always proud to feature pet supply companies like Paco Collars, who are eco-minded and offer top quality products with a lifetime guarantee!
5 Paw Rating An enthusiastic 5 paws up for Paco Collars

Paco Collars range in price from $60 to $150 and can be purchased on the PacoCollars.com website. They also offer custom collars, leashes, people products and instructional classes.

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