Mutt Mops

Pet Product Review: Mutt Mops


Dsc00166_thumbIt is always hard to find toys that my dog likes to play with AND will last a while. Most toys he seems toeither destroy or lose interest in fast. Not with the Mutt Mop, he LOVES this toy. He loves to play fetch with it, he loves to sit there and chew on it,he loves to play tug-o-war with it. He plays with it inside, he takes it outside, it’s been through snow and mud and he still loves it! The best part about it is, when it gets dirty you can toss it in the washing machine with your next load of laundry and it comes out looking good as new!

Mutt Mops come in a variety of different colors and are made of a durable fleece material attached to a rubber ring, they look very similar to the head of a micro-fiber mop. They can be purchased online for $12.00 at purchased from a variety of different retailers.

Mops Helping Mutts: A proceed of all Mutt Mop purchases go toward helping relevant groups and organizations around the country. You can even go to their website,, and recommend an organization for them to help!

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