Smucci Too! Pet Beds With Stylish Reversible & Replaceable Walls

Pet Product Review – Smucci Too! Pet beds with stylish reversible & replaceable walls

Smucci Too! Pet Beds

I don’t know about my pets, but I tend to get bored with their beds and feel the need to replace them every so often. I end up spending more time than I would like shopping around for a color and style to match the décor of the room the bed will be “living” in. Well, the folks at Smucci Too! are apparently aware of pet owners like me since they’ve come out with a pet bed that has reversible, replaceable and even customizable walls!
Buddha & his Smucci Too! Pet Bed
The bendable plastic walls have designs on both sides and simply slip into a slot that runs around the bed’s metal base. They have a fun selection of designs and colors to choose from or, you can submit your own design for a one of a kind, customized snooze spot for fluffy-butt.
Buddha was the first critter to claim the cushy nook and make it his special napping nest. The super soft cushion gives the busy guy a sweet spot to rest his weary bones and dream about his next treat. I’m happy because I can change the color and design to suit my mood, the current holiday or different rooms throughout my house! We love the Smucci Too! pet bed!
Secret Shopper 5 paw ratingClassy, unique and functional – 5 paws up!
Proudly made in the USA, Smucci Too! bed sets (bed/cushion/one wall) are available in small $179 | medium $199 | large $299 | customizable $208/$228/$328 and can be purchased online at You can purchase additional backwalls for from $49 to $99. College team backwalls are coming soon!

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