River Rock Memorial by 4everinmyheart.com

Pet Product Review: River Rock Memorial by 4everinmyheart.com



Any pet owner knows how devastating it can be to a family to lose a pet. This can beespecially overwhelming when you have small children who do not necessarily understand what is happening. Not too long ago my family took the blow of losing both our family pets within 2 days of each other, one expected, one unexpected. After the initial shock and sadness wore off a little bit I was on a mission to find something nice for my family to remember our pets by. Never having been on a mission quite like this before I wasn’t exactly sure what was out there. I, by chance, stumbled across 4everinmyheart.com, a website specializing in pet memorials and urns, and thought their products were just beautiful. Each item is custom tailored to meet your needs. Not only do they have 1000’s of graphics for you to choose from to include on your memorial, but they can also use your own picture! I am thrilled with the product I received from 4everinmyheart.com, they were able to include both of my dogs on the same stone. This was important to me because although they are no longer with us I would like to believe that they are still together and this is a great representation of that. This is something my family will treasure for a lifetime. THANK YOU 4everinmyheart.com!

4everinmyheart.com creates everything from jewelry, to benches, to plaques, to the Colorado River Rock that you see above and much more. If you have recently lost a pet and are looking for a way to keep their memory alive this is the place to go. They understand your loss and that shows in the final product.


In memory of Lucia and Khan.

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