Pogo Plush Squeaker Dog Toys by Premier

Pet Product Review – Pogo Plush squeaker dog toys by Premier

Premier Pogo Plush dog toys

Pogo Plush Frizzle dog toy
Shakespeare loves plush toys but his talent for tearing the toys open and devouring the stuffing at breakneck-speed is dangerous and messy. The Pogo Plush toys contain no stuffing, just an inner plastic frame that bounces back so the toy always looks like it’s fully stuffed. No danger, no mess…LOVE it! The toys are also designed with a free floating squeaker, making it more of a challenge for the pup to find than it is with traditional squeaker toys.
Shakespeare and his Pogo Plush Bunny
We gave Shakespeare his choice between 3 Pogo Plush toys, it was clearly a tough decision but he eventually grabbed the rabbit and ran. The problem is, he ran straight out the doggy door and proceeded to scout for the perfect plot in which to bury his new friend! Now, Shakespeare only buries his favorite toys, so clearly his new Pogo Plush toy has earned his highest approval rating. It’s a good thing these toys are machine washable! Shake has been carrying the bunny around and chewing on it aggressively (he knows no other way to chew), for 3 days and it still looks like it did on day one!
Secret Shopper 5 Paws Up Rating A solid 5 paws up for Pogo Plush dog toys!
Each toy comes in both small and large sizes and range in price from $8 to $19. You can order yours online at the Premier.com website.

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