Bad Dog Mugs, Tumblers, Coasters & Plates by UncommonGoods

Pet Product Review – Bad Dog mugs, tumblers, coasters & plates by UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods Unique Gifts

Bad Dog gifts by UncommonGoods

I’m one of those gift givers who’s always on the lookout for something unusual, a gift that will make the recipient say, “This is so cool! I’ve never seen one of these before! Where did you find it?” If you’re a giver of the “strange & unusual” like me, is a site you must check-out. I found a treasure trove of unique pet gifts, none of which I had ever seen before!

UncommonGoods gifts for pet lovers
Their Bad Dog line is hysterical! The appetizer plates (set of 4 – $35), coasters (set of 4 – $25), diner mugs (set of 4 – $35) and tumblers (set of 4 – $35), all feature a disobedient pup who is always doing the opposite of what his owner is commanding: When told to “Sit!” he rolls over, “Fetch!” he lies down, “Stay!” he runs and “Come!” he sits. As a frequent observer of my daughter’s attempts to train her Great Dane, I find the Bad Dog gift line particularly apropos! The mugs are cool, retro-diner, heavy ceramic and printed in the good ol’ USA. I think I’ll sip my coffee from one of them the next time I play audience to one of my daughter’s comical training sessions!
Other pet lover’s gifts you’ll find at Wind chimes, door knockers, salt & pepper shakers, Inconvenient Kitty dinnerware, predator vs. prey mittens, jewelry, clocks, Labrador soaps, and the list goes on and on. It’s a must-see-for-yourself-site!

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